1994 | David Crane’s Amazing Tennis

Info: Release Date: 1994 Publisher: Absolute Entertainment Platforms: Sega Genesis Shipped In: USA  David Crane’s Amazing Tennis David Crane’s Amazing Tennis places you on the court using a low perspective never seen before in a Sega Genesis tennis game. Select a computer opponent or grab a friend and get ready to compete on hard, grass […]

1994 | Color a Dinosaur

Info: Release Date: 1994 Publisher: Virgin Games Platforms: NES Shipped In: USA Color a Dinosaur In this kid friendly painting game, youngsters are able to color 16 dinosaurs using an electronic pencil that automatically fills in blank areas. There are four palettes to choose from, each consisting of ten colors and patterns. Color a Dinosaur […]

1993 | Action 52

Info: Release Date: 1993 Publisher: Active Enterprises Platforms: NES, Sega Genesis Shipped In: USA Action 52 This was a collection of 52 simple games all on one cart for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Genesis. Action 52 Game List: Bonkers, Darksyne, Dyno Tennis, Ooze, Star Ball, Sidewinder, Daytona, 15 Puzzle, Sketch, Star Duel, […]

1991 | Art Alive

Info: Release Date: 1991 Publisher: Sega Platforms: Sega Genesis Shipped In: USA  Art Alive Art Alive allows you to draw, animate, and create on your Sega Genesis using all the standard tools you’d expect to find in a simple paint program, including pencil, eraser, line, fill, and spray. Several palettes of sixteen colors each are […]

1990 | Videomation

Info: Release Date: 1990 Publisher: THQ Platforms: NES Shipped In: USA Videomation Videomation is a drawing and painting kit which enables you to create works of art on your television screen. Using the control pad, you can draw with a pencil, or you can use other video tools to help you draw straight lines, curves, […]