1994 | Sega Sports: NFL 95


  • Release Date: 1994
  • Publisher: Sega Sports
  • Platforms: Sega Genesis
  • Shipped In: USA

 NFL 95

This revolutionary title allows players to see up to 65 yards down the field. The view changes dynamically during play. Whenever a running back or receiver grabs the ball, the camera will zoom in for a close-up of the action. You can also elect to play as the receiver from the line of scrimmage, so you can run your own route and then signal for the ball.

Both the NFL and NFLPA licenses are included, so all 28 pro teams are here as well as over 1,500 players rated in thirteen categories based on the 1993 season. Full season play is also available with multiple schedules, instant replays, injuries, trades, free agents and playoffs in your bid to become Super Bowl champion. Battery backup means you can track league leaders and save team standings through an entire season, along with the records of up to seven users.

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