1994 | David Crane’s Amazing Tennis


  • Release Date: 1994
  • Publisher: Absolute Entertainment
  • Platforms: Sega Genesis
  • Shipped In: USA

¬†David Crane’s Amazing Tennis

David Crane’s Amazing Tennis places you on the court using a low perspective never seen before in a Sega Genesis tennis game. Select a computer opponent or grab a friend and get ready to compete on hard, grass or clay court surfaces. Fifteen computer players are waiting to be challenged in either a Tournament or Head-to-Head game, so type in your name and choose between a left or right-handed athlete.

Then it’s off to the court. Players can use topspin, execute drop shots, perform volleys, lobs, slices and overhead smashes, and decide on either a hard or soft serve to keep the opponent off balance. World-famous chair umpire Frank Hammond will call the score and instant replay lets you see if he was right!

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