1997 | Sega Sports: NFL 98


  • Release Date: 1997
  • Publisher: Sega Sports
  • Platforms: Sega Genesis
  • Shipped In: USA

 NFL 98

Players can adjust tons of options, weather, field conditions, and even choose their own playbook from any team in the game. Speaking of which, 30 updated NFL teams are included from the 1996 season, as well as both AFC and NFC Stars, NFL All-Pros and six regional teams featuring stars organized by where they went to college.

A notable new feature is customizing how either the computer or your team plays in the following areas (from zero to six, with six being the highest): player speed, speed burst effect, dive effect, defensive tackling, offensive fumbles, blocking, pass accuracy, aggressiveness, cause interceptions, pass deflections, pass interference, CPU kick accuracy, kick meter speed and injuries. Besides the different settings found within the Rookie, Veteran, All-Pro and Hall of Fame difficulty levels, you can save up to four custom settings per team.

Complete roster management lets you organize your team as you see fit, including trades, substitutions, signing or releasing fee agents, and creating new players. Battery backup will store your season in progress, allow you to create and save up to 15 user records, track each team in 42 different categories and individual players in 32 areas.

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